Tajikistan possesses a great cultural and historical heritage, distinctive culture, favorable geographical location, a variety of natural landscapes, unique natural monuments for the development of inbound and domestic tourism.

On the territory of Tajikistan there are the majestic Pamir mountains, known throughout the world as the "roof of the world". There are climbing routes to the highest mountain peaks - Ismoili Somoni and Evgeniya Korzhenevskaya, located at an altitude of more than 7000 thousand meters, hunting grounds, etc. A unique man-made natural monument in the Pamirs is the Pamir Botanical Garden, located at an altitude of 2320 m above sea level near the town of Khorog.

On the territory of Tajikistan, there are about 200 sources of mineral and thermal waters, on the basis of which the sanatorium-resort direction of tourism is developing.

Today, a competitive tourist market has been formed in Tajikistan and more than 150 tourist companies operate. In order to develop international tourism in the republic, an electronic visa issuance system has been introduced. (www.evisa.tj)

More than 65% of sanatorium-resort and tourist facilities have been restored in the country, more than 300 private tourist recreation areas have been built, which creates real conditions for organizing international tourism, employment of the population and attracting investments.

Tajikistan is the land of the highest peaks, huge glaciers, rapid turbulent rivers, lakes of unique beauty, unique vegetation and rare animals. It is the mountainous, floor-by-floor landscape that determines the originality and uniqueness of the nature of Tajikistan, the richness of its forms, caused by a variety of climatic zones. In the republic, for an hour and a half of flight from the sultry heat of the Vakhsh valley, one can get into the arctic cold of the eternal snows of the Pamirs.

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