устав предприятия
  • Statute of the State Unitary Enterprise "Tajinvest"
  • State Committee on Investment and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan



            1.1 This charter defines the establishment and functioning of the State Unitary Enterprise "Tajinvest" under the State Committee on Investment and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan, hereinafter referred to as Company".

1.2. Founder of the company is the State Committee on Investment and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan, hereinafter referred to as "founder".

1.3. Full official name of the company in Tajik:

- "Tajinvest" State Unitarian Enterprise under the State committee for Investment and state property management of the Republic of Tajikistan;              abridged Form - "Tajinvest" SUE under the State committee for Investment and state property management of the Republic of Tajikistan.

1.4. Enterprises Address: Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe city, 27 Shotemur street.




2.1. The company carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution, the Civil Code of the Republic of Tajikistan and other normative  legal acts of the Republic and the present Charter.

2.2. The company is a legal entity engaged in economic activity, has its own balance and the current account in the bank and other credit   institutions. It also has its own seal with the state symbols of the Republic of Tajikistan and its name, form and brand.

2.3. The Company considered a legal entityfrom the moment of state registration of the Charter.

2.4. The Company may on its own behalf to acquire property and non-property rights, fulfill obligations andact in court as a plaintiff or defendant.

2.5. The Company is responsiblefor its property. The company is not liable for obligations of the founders and vice versa founder is not liable  for the obligations of the Company. If the cause of the bankruptcy of a legal entity is the founders (participants), owners of the property of the   legal person or other persons having the right to give binding instructions to a legal entity, or have the ability to determine its actions, in case of   shortage of the property of a legal entity more responsibilityentrusted to them.

2.6. Company as a legal entity may, in agreement with the founder, according to the established order, by transferring part of its capital to   support economic activity, create another company (subsidiary company). In this case, Company as the founder of the Subsidiary approves its   charter.

2.7. Company may, in agreement with the founder, open branches and representative offices.




3.1. The company created in order to carry out investment activities, presentation of investment opportunities and attracting capital into the  economy of the Republic of Tajikistan by providing services to foreign investors.

3.2. The company is a commercial organization and has the rights and liabilities used for the implementation of the mentioned activity.

The main activity of the Company to provide the following services:

attraction of direct internal and foreign investments;

promote investment both internal and foreign subjects;

opening of representative offices in the country and abroad to attract direct foreign and internal investments;

the establishment of financial and leasing companies for investment of investment projects;

assist in the development, preparation and signing of international treaties on foreign and internal investments;

study, analysis and examination of investment projects and business plans;

assistance in business planning, development of feasibility studies and preparation of documents for investment projects;

participation in the Joint office of the founder’s companies of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan;

interest and the protection of direct foreign and internal investment in the Republic of Tajikistan;

Investment Projects application activities on behalf of clients NOW I'm on the basis of agreements and powers of attorney;

preparation of proposals to improve the measures to improve the investment space of the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as the improvement of  legislation and development of investment cooperation;

Finally, the analysis and provision of further promotion of investment projects and activities of representative offices Businesses;

assistance to the activity of state bodies to cooperate with investors;

preparation and study of contracts and other documents relating to the investment projects;

assistance in obtaining any kind of consents and licenses for realization of investment projects on the basis of legislation of the Republic of                   Tajikistan;

analysis and production procedures - technical, economic, environmental, financial, tax enforcement terms of contracts;

after consultation with the founders of the organization and holding of summits, odds s mind, seminars, conferences and other public, non- governmental, international events in the country and abroad in order to effectively conduct actions presentation of investment   oportunities Republic of Tajikistan and attracting investment;

coordination of the activities of bilateral and multilateral commercial advices;

preparation and participation at meetings bilateral and multilateral commercial boards;

regular meetings with members of bilateral and multilateral commercial advice with a view in order to implement effectively in attracting   Investment and implementation of investment projects;

development, preparation and publication of information materials for presentation of investment opportunities of the Republic of Tajikistan  and attracting investments;

legal advice, as well as tax law or questions, legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan and the conduct of subsequent legal actions;

consulting services in the administrative, operational and economic questions, the subjects of natural persons and foreign missions;

consulting services on foreign trade issues and investment activities;

assistance in matters of taxation in the Republic of Tajikistan;

assist in the formation of accounting and conduct of the audit;

contracts with foreign and internal entities management of service delivery;

assistance obtaining permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the manufacture of stamp and seal;

services to foreign missions in obtaining an individual taxpayer identification (INN);

services to foreign missions in opening bank accounts;

the provision of services for state registration of foreign representative offices in the Republic of Tajikistan;

search and training of experienced professionals;

on the basis of agreements to ensure the citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan work in the foreign missions in the Republic of Tajikistan;

assistance information security, computerization and telephones;

assistance getting computationally-office equipment and services;

assistance Searching for priority projects, the organization of investment activities and the development of thought;

the formation of information bank of investment projects and business registers;

consulting services for the exchange of information on legislation and investment opportunities in the Republic of Tajikistan;

consultation and awareness of the commercial organizations of clients investing country;

study and analysis of the internal and overseas markets.

3.3. Activities for the implementation of which requires a license, carried out after obtaining a license.

3.4. In accordance with the law of the Republic of Tajikistan and the present Charter company can perform other, not contradict the legislation  of commercial operations.

3.5. Company subject to the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan within the framework of its goals and objectives, may also consist of   external economic relations. For this purpose the company has the ability to:

perform import and export operations;

joint ventures and other enterprises with participation of foreign capital;

scientific, technical and industrial co-operation with organizations in other countries;

participate in international exhibitions, fairs and markets on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan and abroad;

3.6. Foreign exchange income earned as a result of foreign trade activities of enterprises after taxes to the state budget shall be transferred to the foreign currency account of the Company.


4.1. Authorized capital of the Company is 10 000 somoni.

4.2. Share Capital amount of the company is subject to full payment of the founder before state registration.

4.3. If the year-end value of assets becomes less than the sum of the authorized capital, in this case, according to the provisions of the Charter  and the share capital shall be reduced. If the value of these assets becomes smaller than enterprise’s certain statutory minimum share capital, subject to company Elimination

4.4. Reduction of the authorized capital made only after a written notice to all creditors entitled to demand termination or early fulfillment of    certain obligations.

4.5. The increase of share capital, made in the manner prescribed by law.



 5.1. The founder has the right to:

participate in management of Company;

receive information about the activities of the Company, including accounting records and other documentation;

identify key areas of Companyactivity ;

contribute to the share capital and amendments to change the size of the authorized capital;

Approve staff table;

appoint and dismiss the head, his deputy and the Chief Accountant.

approve annual financial report and balance sheet of the Company;

determine the allocation of profits and costs, approve the conclusion of the Audit Commission.

Observing the laws of the Republic of Tajikistan to take a decision on the reorganization and liquidation of Company;

decide to establish subsidiary Company;

  1. 2. The founder is obligedto:

In accordance with the law and this Charter form order size and in certain terms the authorized capital;

fulfill their obligations near the Company.



 1.Control Boardof company is Director General. The Director General may act without power of attorney on behalf of the Company and  protect its interests in relations with other legal entities and individuals.

  1. 2.The powers and obligations of the General Director include:

approval of the staffing after consultation with the founder;

the imposition of orders and instructions, mandatory for employees;

Planning activities NOW I, taking into account the interests of the constituent e driver's;

definition of the governance structure Businesses;

reception staff to work on a competitive basis;

dismissal of employees NOW I;

after consultation with the founder, as a legal person, in the prescribed manner the transfer of part of his property in order, create another   company (subsidiary company), as well as representative offices and branches;

approve the charter of Subsidiary, representative offices and branches of the Company;
 appoint the head of Subsidiary, representative offices and branches of the company;

to determine the system of remuneration, rewards based on the results of the work done by the annual and other types of material incentives,  contracts, etc.



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