Лёгкая промышленность

The Department of Light Industry and Sericulture is a structural unit of the central apparatus of the Ministry and consists of two departments:



The department directs its activities to develop and implement a unified state policy and streamline legislative acts in the industry.

The Department in its activities is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan, the current laws of the Republic of Tajikistan, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, decrees of the Government of the Republic, other normative legal acts, orders and orders of the Minister of Industry and New Technologies.

The department, in accordance with the tasks assigned to it, carries out its activities in cooperation with other departments.



  • development of programs and measures to ensure a unified state policy, improve the mechanisms for the development and functioning of enterprises in the light industry and sericulture;
  • participation in the development and implementation of measures for the formation and implementation of state support, preservation, development of industrial and scientific and technical potential and assistance to industry enterprises in the introduction of the latest technology and best practices, their rational use and adaptation to the conditions of a market economy;
  • participation in the analysis, preparation of proposals and approval of materials for clarifying the management scheme, developing priority areas of activity, the feasibility of creating, placing new and using local raw materials, as well as developing and approving technical, technological and other regulatory requirements for industry enterprises;
  • assisting industry enterprises in creating conditions for increasing the production of consumer goods, industrial and technical products and the provision of consumer services, improving their quality and competitiveness to meet the needs of the domestic market in accordance with the emerging conjunction of demand and export opportunities through the introduction of import substitution technologies;



  • on the basis of the industry development strategy, implements the approved sectoral programs, submits information to the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan on their implementation and existing problems;
  • develops measures and submits proposals for restructuring and organizing new enterprises to the leadership of the Ministry;
  • participates in the development of draft legislative and other regulatory legal acts that determine the procedure for the functioning and development of the industry and submits to the leadership of the Ministry the appropriate conclusions on their implementation at the enterprises of the industry;
  • contributes to the implementation of a targeted scientific, technical and innovation policy in accordance with the objectives of the industry development, ensuring the effective use of new technologies, new types of products and services in accordance with market needs based on the processing of local raw materials;
  • participates in the development of proposals for streamlining the export of certain types of raw materials outside the republic, taking into account the provision of domestic producers with raw materials in the required volumes according to their needs;
  • participates in organizing and conducting information and exhibition work of the industry jointly with stakeholders.
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